Recording And Filming

We help both companies and final consumers to carry out their audiovisual projects in a creative, fresh and Mediterranean way to achieve their final objectives.


Bring Your Projects To Life

Take advantage of drone technology to take your aerial photography and video to another level. In DronCompany we have a wide variety of drones and systems to give you the best solution to your demands.

Our pilots with years of experience in the sector together with a professional postproduction team and with the latest advances make DronCompany the best option in the market.

  • Dron Company enhanced the visual and creative game of many of our properties, providing unique value in our marketing campaigns. And all with simplicity, speed and good understanding. A guaranteed bet.

    Alberto Kusak
  • Very good drone operator who knows how to fly a drone. Incredible shots and perspective and a very good boy to work. Next time in Mallorca it would be a pleasure to work with him again.

    Matthias Ebel
  • Such a lovely person to work and very talented! I will definitely use it again if we had another party! Thanks again Jordi!

  • El operador de drones más hábil en la tierra, no es broma. Un verdadero profesional y una persona realmente agradable. Cuando estamos en Mallorca, trabajamos solo con Dron Company!

    John Miller
    , Music Video Producer

Videography Like
You've Never Seen Before

Artistic Team

All our productions have the participation of professional destinations from directors, decorators, specialists in photography direction, etc.


Every creation needs a script that brings coherence and interest. That is why we have scriptwriters so that the projects speak for themselves.

Up to 4 Cameras

Camera operators and drones are presented at the same time to record each angle and scene. Only then are we able to edit amazing stories.

Actors Provided

A production with drones needs people who contribute scale to the project, history and humanity. Consumer Psychology.
we answer your questions


Do you need a license to fly a drone?

If it is for hobby and/or personal use, nothing more is needed than flying in permitted areas and we recommend RC insurance

If it is for commercial purposes, you need apart from a license and fly in allowed places, an RC insurance, medical certificates and that AESA enables you as a drone operator in Spain.

Can I fly in cities, towns or nearby the airports?

The answer today is NO. But the legislation is adapting and allowing to fly in new scenarios little by little and only to professionals.

What hight and distance can a drone reach?

Technically, the drones we use are more than 1 kilometre away from the operator. Although legally we cannot move more than 500 meters and a maximum height of 120 meters (400 feet).

Can I fly with rain and/or wind?

Aunque no es recomendable volar con lluvia. Técnicamente con lluvia fina se puede y nosotros damos fe que las imágenes son brutales. Con viento se puede volar, especialmente con drones profesionales como los que tenemos. En el mar hemos volado con vientos de 30 nudos sin problema. Las imágenes no serán tan fluidas como un día de calma pero son muy potentes.

How long does the batterty last for?

It depends on what drone we are using and what type of flight we make. It is not the same to fly following a yacht than to make a real estate video. If we force the drone and we need or want to go fast the battery will last less and vice versa. Our drones, all of the DJI brand, range from 12 minutes of the DJI S1000 + octocopter to 25 minutes of our Phantom 4 or DJI Inspire 2.

Con I fly inside any building?

Yes. You can always fly. An enclosed building is considered private property its airspace so the legislation of AESA does not apply to these cases. We could fly in a building that was attached to the airport.

How do you deliver the projects?

It can be delivered raw without editing. Or it can be delivered edited and ready to use. The same goes for the video, all unedited clips can be delivered or edited for a “Ready to use” promotional video.

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